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Andrew Wells - See [Buffy Characters]

Anne Steele - She ran a teen shelter in Los Angeles. Her path crossed with Angel's for the first time when he discovered that Wolfram & Hart were stealing large contributions that were made to the shelter (Blood Money). They met again later when Angel was investigating rumors of renegade cops out for blood (zombies, actually), and some teens got involved with them (The Thin Dead Line). Gunn met Anne before the Fang Gang's big battle against the Senior Partners; she was still helping the helpless (Not Fade Away).

Bruckner (Senator Helen) - See [Angel Files]

Buffy Summers - See [Buffy Characters]

Dana - Slayer. Her parents were murdered when she was a child; the assassin kept her with him for weeks, torturing her endlessly. Found wandering in the streets, she was sent to a hospital, where she stayed until the [spell] performed by Willow awakened all Slayers in the world (Buffy/Chosen). Unstoppable and crazy, Dana escaped and started doing some damage in Los Angeles. Spike (soulled and working with Angel) found her, but ended up defeated. Dana, being totally messed up, saw him as the torturer of her childhood and cut off his hands; before killing him, she was stopped by the Fang Gang. Afterwards, Andrew (and more 12 Slayers) took her to Europe, following Buffy's orders (Damage).

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne - See [Buffy Characters]

Denis - Ghost who used to live in Cordelia's first apartment in Los Angeles. He was killed by his own mother the crazy old woman didn't want him to date any girls, so she walled up him in the apartment. Afterwards, she died of a heart attack. Angel, Doyle and Cordelia performed a ritual to free the apartment from her, but Denis (a friendly ghost) stayed.

Drogyn - According to the Watchers Council, Drogyn, the battlebrand, was given eternal youth a thousand years ago. Demonbane, truthsayer, he was good and pure, and for decades was the keeper of the Deeper Well. He was killed by Angel, who had to prove his loyalty to the Circle of the Black Thorn. He could find anyone who once had visited the Well.

Drusilla - See [Buffy Characters]

Eve - Wolfram & Hart's employee, Angel's liaison to the Senior's Partners. After falling in love with Lindsey McDonald, she betrayed her bosses to help him and got fired. Probably died when Wolfram & Hart building collapsed after Angel killed Hamilton, the new liaison.

Faith - See [Buffy Characters]

Gavin Park - Wolfram & Hart's lawyer, Lilah's rival. He was murdered by the Beast, turned a zombie and had his head cut off by Gunn (Habeas Corpses).

Groosalugg - Born in the demon dimension of [Pylea],with a human appearance, he was "an animal, a beast to his people, with the heart beating in the wrong place", according to his own words. As he matured, his human characteristics became more apparent and the [Covenantof Trombli] soon determined there could be no mistake there was cow's (human's) blood in his veins. For his people to be part cow is to be less than whole and there was nothing he could have done to prove his worth. He was incapable even of performing husbandly duties with any of the females of his tribe, for he was anatomically equipped to mate only with a human. He was cast from his village and forced to make his way on his own. 

To put an end to his sufferings, he entered every contest of skill and daring that he could in an attempt to snuff out his pathetic life. But he failed he won every match. He vanquished every flame beast. He defeated every drokken. It seemed nothing could stop him. Thus, the Covenant had no choice but to bestow upon him the name Groosalug: The brave undefeated.

Source: Through The Looking Glass

When Cordelia was sent to Pylea, she was made their princess (because of her visions) and was supposed to [Com-shuk] with the Groosalugg, in order for her visions to be transferred to him. It didn't happen, but they ended up falling in love with each other. After the [Fang Gang] caused the old regime fall (which gave freedom to all humans), Groo was made the leader of his people. However, some months later, he was forced to leave and went to Los Angeles, looking for his beloved Cordelia. They stayed together for a while, till Cordy found herself in love with Angel, making a saddened Groo leave LA for good.


Gwen Raiden - Electrifying cat burglar. When she was a child, Gwen who couldn't touch anybody without killing the person was sent to an academy for gifted children. She met the Fang Gang when they found themselves at an auction house in order to steal the [Axisof Pythia] (Ground State). Later, they met again, and she tried to help Angel and the gang to protect one of the totems of the [Orderof Ra-tet] (Long Day's Journey). In 2003, Gwen finally lost her virginity to Gunn, after stealing a high-tech thing that eliminated her problem (Players).


Hamilton (Marcus) - Wolfram & Hart's employee, Angel's liaison to the Senior's Partners, Eve's replacement. He was part of the Senior Partners (the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart) and his blood had their power. From Harmony, he found out Angel's plans to destroy his bosses and tried to kill the vampire. He didn't succeed however after drinking Hamilton's blood, Angel turned as powerful as him, and killed him. The Senior Partner's fury made the Los Angeles Wolfram & Hart building collapse (Not Fade Away).

Holland Manners - Head of Wolfram & Hart Special Projects, he was Lilah and Lindsey's boss. Married to Catherine, he was murdered (along with the majority of the Contracts Department and Catherine) by Darla and Drusilla in his own wine cellar with the Angel's connivance (Reunion).

Immortal - Angelus/Angel and Spike arch-nemesis, the beautiful, intelligent, wonderful italian known as The Immortal was Buffy's chosen one when living in Europe, after Sunydale's destruction. This enigmatic character (we never saw him) climbed the Mount Everest several times, spent 150 years in meditation in a monastery in Tibet, wrote a book that changed many lives e had a very, very good time with Darla and Drusilla the two of them could guarantee he was an excellent lover.

The Immortal sent Spike to jail once, framing him for not paying taxes, made him be persecuted by an angry mob, and in 1894 kept him and Angelus prisoners for several hours just because the vampires "invaded" his town.

Charming as hell, The Immortal never made use of magick he considered it dirty, to Angel and Spike's chagrin, because they were sure that Buffy had been victim of a spell... (The Girl in Question)

Izzy - See [Angel Files]

Jasmine - Former [PowerThat Be] who made her way back to our world to set a new order, where people, although living in peace and complete happiness, wouldn't have free will. She was stopped by the [Fang Gang], and killed by Connor, eventually.

"In the beginning, before the time of man, great beings walked the earth. Untold power emanated from all quarters: the seeds of what would come to be known as good and evil. But the shadows stretched and became darkness and the malevolent among us grew stronger. The earth became a demon realm. Those of us who had the will to resist left this place but we remained ever watchful. But then something new emerged from deep inside the earth neither demon nor god: Man. It seemed, for a time, that through this new race, a balance might be restored." (Jasmine in Shinny Happy People)

However, the balance didn't happen, and then one of the Powers That Be, tired of just observing and not acting on all the suffering, decided to return to Earth. So, she started making things happen, things that were going to make possible her existence in our world. Through Angel and Darla, the first miracle: the day Lorne sent Angel and human Darla into the trials to earn a new chance at life for her (The Trial), Connor's life was made possible, since Angel did earn a life but Darla couldn't use it because she was already living her second chance. From then on, all events unfolded for the Power That Be might re-enter this physical plane. The chaos that preceded her arriving the Beast, the blocking of the sun, Angelus were just birth pains.

This Power That Be whose real name was a mystery used Cordelia's body to leave the high plane, and having power over her, made Cordy have sex with Connor, thus creating a new life: the Power That Be would give birth to herself. After her birth (which left Cordelia in a coma), all people who saw her started immediately to adore her, without questioning, and that was what happened with the Fang Gang. Taken to the Hyperyon, she was named Jasmine because she liked the fragrance of the flower. After an interview on TV (seen just in the Los Angeles area), all population of the city fell under her thrall, becoming all shiny happy people as well as her followers; Jasmine's plan was to spread all this happiness through the world by having a worldwide broadcasting interview soon.

However, not all were flowers. After Fred had her blood mixed up with Jasmine's (the girl was trying to clean Jasmine's blood-stained blouse so hard that her fingers bled), the true, horrible face of Jasmine was revealed: maggots and worms squirmed in the rotting flesh of her face and in her empty eye sockets. Besides, Jasmine ate people followers she randomly used to choose to come to her room.

Eventually, Fred figured out how people could see the true Jasmine (by mixing their blood), and managed to have Angel back to normal. Next, the two of them used Cordelia's blood (Jasmine's "mother") to open the eyes of Wesley, Gunn and Lorne. On Connor, the trick didn't work; later, he himself confessed that he, having grown up in a hell dimension, always saw Jasmine's true face and didn't care, what he wanted was to be happy and Jasmine provided that.

The Fang Gang was persecuted by Jasmine and her faithful followers ruthlessly; she and they became one body, and through them she saw and talked with the "rebels", not giving them a rest. Wesley, Gunn, Lorne and Fred ended up captured, but Angel managed to escape. 

After finding out about the first worshippers of Jasmine big bugs from another dimension, older than ours, that called her The Devourer Angel paid a visit to their home and brought to earth the Keeper of Jasmine true name (or its head, at least), and, when he/it screamed it (right before Jasmine's worldwide interview), the spell was reverted, making people see what Jasmine really was, abandoning her in desperation. 

Afterwards, chaos returned to Los Angeles, the total happiness was gone, but people were free again to make choices. Connor, who wanted desperately believe in Jasmine, couldn't cope with the end of the lie, killed her and ran away.

Landok - Landokmar of the Deathwok Clan, Lorne's cousins, warrior in Pylea, drokken killer. Came to our dimension through a portal opened (not on purpose) by Cordelia, Angel and Wesley in the Foreign Language section at the Los Angeles Public Library. Later, when another portal was opened to sent him back, at Caritas, Cordelia went along with him by accident.

Lee Mercer - Wolfram & Hart's evil lawyer; he was in charge to annoy Angel before Lindsay and Lilah took the task over. He had his face beaten up by rogue Slayer Faith. After having his mind read, he was shot to death by his boss Holland Manners because he was in "secret talks with Klein & Gabler, planning taking clients with him when he left (Wolfram & Hart) to join them" (Blind Date).

Linwood Murrow - President of Wolfram & Hart Special Projects, replaced Nathan Reed. As he had his children taken by the firm, Murrow always worked more to protect his own agenda than Wolfram & Hart's. 

He was killed by Lilah Morgan, who cut his head off during a staff meeting, with approval from the Senior Partners (Deep Down).


Marcus - Sadistic vampire hired by Spike to torture Angel in order for him to tell where he had hidden the the [Gem of Amara]. Master of the torture, he liked classical music and to eat children (as well as do other nasty things with them). He was dusted by Angel (In the Dark).

Merl - Was the demon snitch for Angel and friends. He always had a good tip for the good guys, in exchange for some money. The poor guy was once tied upside down by Angel, in the sewers of Los Angeles, because the vampire was very moody. Cordy and Wesley forced Angel to apologize, but he, instead of being natural, read a text for Merl, who ended up very hurt. Beaten, humiliated and treated like crap, he had a sad ending he was slaughtered by bigoted humans (That Old Gang of Mine).

Nina Ash - Werewolf, Angel's girlfriend. She knew all about Angel he being a vampire, the [curse].They slept together, but he didn't reached perfect happiness because he was worried with the impeding battle against the Senior Partners (Not Fade Away).


Nathan Reed - President of Wolfram & Hart Special Projects, Lilah and Lindsay's boss. He disappeared from the show after second season, without any explanation.

Numfar - Lorne's brother, lived in [Pylea] with his clan Deathwok. Showed to Angel the "dance of joy", which he performed for 3 months after Lorne disappeared (Through The Looking Glass). 

Trivia: Numfar was played by the series creator, Joss Whedon.

Penn - Young man sired by Angelus in the late 1700s. They remained "friends" until Angelus was cursed with a soul (in 1898) and left Penn waiting for him in Italy to no avail. Angelus made Penn bite his own sister as his first kill and afterwards, convinced him to kill the rest of his family. In 2002, Penn appeared in Los Angeles and started killing using an old Angelus' custom: to sign his victims by carving a Christian cross into their left cheek. Angel started having dreams about being killing people again, but in fact, it was his connection with Penn that caused the dreams. Penn ended up staked by Detective Kate Lockley.

Sebassis (Archduke) - See [Angel Files]

Seidel (Oliver) - Professor who opened, in 1997, a portal to send his assistant and pupil Winifred Burkle to the hell dimension [Pylea],because he felt threatened by her intelligence. Seidel got rid off several other students using portals. In 2002, Fred found out the truth about Seidel, and to get her revenge, opened a portal to do the same thing he had done to her. However, her boyfriend Gunn intervened and killed the Professor (Supersymmetry).

The Beast - Emerged from bellow, on the very spot Darla gave birth to Connor a dark alley in Los Angeles. It was 8 feet tall, had long curving horns; a really demonic figure. The Fang Gang tried to stop the monster (at Sky Temple Club), but failed; then, it made rain fire over Los Angeles, in which seemed the end of the world. After killing all [Wolfram& Hart's] lawyers, and hunting down the five totems of the [Orderof the Ra-Tet], the Beast performed a ritual in Connor's place, blocking the sun, and making Los Angeles an amusement park for all kind of demons. Although powerful and apparently invincible, the Beast was just a lackey for its Master which turned out to be Cordelia. Angelus killed the monster, using a weapon made from its own bones, and the sun returned to California.

Tina - First damsel in distress Angel was assigned (by Doyle) to save, but failed she ended up killed by powerful vampire Russell Winters (City of...). Lindsey McDonald cited this fact to Spike (Soul Purpose).

Vail (Cyvus) - See [Angel Files]

Virginia Bryce - Rich girl whose father wanted to sacrifice to the Davric demon Yeska on his 50th birthday, in exchange for more power and money. Angel being away, Wesley assumes Angel's identity (not on purpose) to try to save the young girl, and enjoys playing the role of a vampire with a soul. Wes and Virginia have sex while he is in her house as her body-guard (Guise Will be Guise), and later they initiate a relationship that doesn't last much.

Willow Rosenberg - See [Buffy Characters]

Wo Pang - Dark shaman who performed the spell that made Angel have a moment of true happiness and lose his soul (Awakening).