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Amulet - See [Buffy Files]

Logo Angel InvestigationsAngel Investigations - Detective agency founded by Angel in Los Angeles, in 1999, whose slogan was "we help the hepless." 

In 2000, Angel Investigation's office was set on the abandoned hotel Hyperion, and it stayed there until the Fang Gang decided to accept Wolfram & Hart proposal, and take the luxurious office of the LA branch of the evil law firm, in 2003.


Axis of Pythia - Mystical antiquity that can locate souls or entities across dimensions. Forged from the Tripod of the Delphic Oracle, is a metal arc set into a marble base, and stands approximately two feet high and weighs eighteen pounds. Angel, Fred and Gunn broke into Chandler DinzaAuction House (an establishment firmly rooted in the black market) to retrieve the object — the vampire wanted the Axis to find Cordelia — only to find cat burglar [Gwen Raiden] there (Ground State). Gwen beat the Fang Gang and escaped with the Axis; later, Angel managed to retrieve it from its buyer. Angel had learned about the Axis after paying a visit to Dinza, one of the Eleusian Mysteries, the dark Demi-Goddess of the Lost. Only the dead could enter her presence — and those that did she often traped for eternity. Fortunately, it didn't happened to Angel: Dinza affirmed that "she would love to keep him, but he had so much more to lose." Worth $33 million, the vampire gave it to Gwen (Long Day's Journey) after finding out that Cordy was on a higher plane.

Car - The car Angel used to drive was a black 67 Plymouth convertible. At Wolfram & Hart, he had 12 expensive cars to choose as it pleases him, including a Camaro and a black Viper (his favorite).

Caritas - Karaoke bar owned by Lorne. There was a sanctorium spell on the bar that prevented demons and humans from doing violence, cast monthly by the Transuding Furies. Caritas, unfortunately, was destroyed twice. When Lorne was working hard to re-open the bar, after the first destruction, Holtz, an old enemy of Angel's, blew up the place — being outside Caritas, the spell didn't prevent him to throw a grenade inside it.

Sνmbolo do CνrculoCircle of the Black Thorn - The Senior Partners' instrument on Earth, was the most powerful group in our plane of existence — until the Fang Gang killed every member of it: Izzy, the Vinji leader (killed by Illyria), Archduke Sebassis (killed by Angel), Cyvus Vail (killed by Illyria), Fell Brethren (exterminated by Spike), senator Helen Bruckner (killed by Gunn) and the Sahrvins (exterminated by Lindsey and Lorne). All members were demons. 

Com-shuk - Mating ritual of the demon dimension Pylea. Princess Cordelia was supposed to do it with the Groosalugg, in order for him to absorb her visions.

Conduit - Any of the dangerous channels to the Powers That Be (the Oracles, for instance) or the Senior Partners (the little girl — Mesektet, or the big black cat in the White Room).

Covenant of Trombli - Ruler, for several millennia, of Pylea — the demon dimension Lorne and the Groosalugg came from.

Their priests taught a prophecy about a coming messiah, the cursed one — a being with the pure sight (with a direct link to the Powers That Be), who one day would claim the throne and restore the monarchy; then, she would mate with the Groosalugg, whose demon blood would absorb the visions. This messiah happened to be Cordelia, who was made Princess of Pylea.

The books that contained the prophecy belonged to the priests and, according to Wesley, were written in Trionic — no one volume was complete without the other two, it was a book broken up into three pieces, much more complex than a trilogy. The rhythm of the sentence structure let one know when to jump from book, to book, to book. On their covers, it was engraved a Wolf, a Ram and a Hart (male red deer or staggard), showing a link to Wolfram & Hart, making it clear that the Covenant of Trombli couldn't be trusted, at all.

Source: There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Cupof Eternal Torment - A newly translated portion of the Shanshu says if  the balance is disrupted by the existence of 2 vampires with a soul, the souled vampire referred by the prophecy will drink from the Cup of Eternal Torment, and that further torments will be visited upon him until he saves the world — or destroys it. Afterwards, said vampire will have a clean slate and live again as a human. Whoever is supposed to drink from the cup will be the one to drink from the cup; and once that happens, the universe should realign.

When Spike became corporeal again, the balance was disrupted; he and Angel eventually fought for the Cup, and Spike won and drank from it — Mountain Dew. All things turned to normal again. The Cup of Eternal Torment was located in a former opera house in Nevada (Destiny).

All this seemed to be a fake, a set-up for Angel and Spike, made up by Sirk, a researcher from Wolfram & Hart, following orders given by Lindsey — according to Eve, things became normal again just because the Senior Partners intervened.

Deeper Well - Burial ground, a resting place of all the remaining Old Ones, located in England, in the Cotswolds. The Deeper Well was almost like a prison for the dead; if some of them got out, it was written it could be drawn back from the source. When Illyria escaped from there and its essence infected Fred's body, Angel and Spike visited the Well and asked its Keeper, Drogyn, to perform the ritual that would save her life; however, as it would cost hundreds, maybe thousands, of other lives, Angel had to let Fred die.

Demons - See [Buffy Files]

Dragon - A dragon could be seen flying above our heroes in the alley they fought their last battle against the Senior Partners (Not Fade Away):

Not Fade Away

The same dragon had already appeared when Glory opened the portal to her dimension (BtVS/The Gift):

The Gift

In the original scroll that contained the Shanshu prophecy, there was a picture of a dragon:

Dragon -

Drawings - Angel can draw very well, he an artist. He has already portrayed Buffy and her mom Joyce sleeping, and Jenny Calendar dead (Passion), Penn (Somnambulist), werewolf Nina (Unleashed), Cordelia (Ground State and Inside Out) and the Beast (Long Day's Journey).

Buffy, Joyce and Jenny actually were portrayed by Angelus; Penn (sired by Angelus in the XVIII Century) and Nina's portrait made it easier for the Police and the Fang Gang, respectively, to find them. Cordy, he did because he was missing her, and later, in order to find Jasmine/Cordelia.

Angel also made a draw of the Axis of Pythia.

Buffy sleeping Jenny dead Nina Ash Cordelia Beast
Spike, on the other hand, is bad at drawing. His drawing of Angel (BtVS/Chosen) is just dreadful...


Well, it was brought to my attention (thank you Erin) that Spike maybe is GOOD at drawing after all... In BtVS/Crush, when Buffy discloses the shrine Spike had built for her, we can see many drawings of the Slayer; we never saw Spike drawing, but if it wasn't Spike who did those drawings, who did?

Buffy - Crush

Maybe it was Angel — remember that Spike once entered Buffy's house and stole some stuff from her basement (BtVS/Listening to Fear)?

Fang Gang - Angel's gang: Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, Lorne.

Fanged Four - Angel, Darla, Spike and Drusilla.

Game face - The demon face of a vampire.

Gypsy Curse - Angelus was cursed with a soul by gypsies, in 1898, after having tortured, raped and killed one of their girls. The soul gave Angelus a "moral compass" that has made him suffer over all he did as an evil vampire. If Angel has a single moment of true happiness, he loses the soul and becomes Angelus again.

Mandy - Angel's favorite song, composed by Scott English and Richard Kerr, and sung by Barry Manilow:

I remember all my life
Rainin' down as cold as ice
Shadows of a man
A face through a window
Cryin' in the night
The night goes into

Mornin', just another day
Happy people pass my way
Lookin' in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized
How happy you made me, oh Mandy

Well, you came and you gave without takin'
But I sent you away, oh Mandy
Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shakin'
And I need you today, oh Mandy

Standin' on the edge of time
I've walked away when love was mine
Caught up in a world of uphill climbin'
The tears are in my mind
And nothing is rhymin', oh Mandy

Yesterday's a dream
I face the mornin'
Cryin' on a breeze
The pain is callin', oh Mandy

You came and you gave without takin'
But I sent you away, oh Mandy
You kissed me and stopped me from shakin'
And I need you

Mohra - Powerful assassins, soldiers of darkness. They take out warriors like Angel and Buffy. They need vast amounts of salt to live. The peculiarity about these demons is that their veins run with the blood of eternity — that is, their fluorescent green blood has regenerative properties. To kill the beast one must bring darkness to 1000 eyes — a jewel in its forehead.*

*Source: Francis Doyle/Book of Kelsor in I Will Remember You

After having his blood mixed with the Mohra's, after a fight (I Will remember You), Angel became human once again; however, he ended up giving up being alive and asked the Oracles to turn him back into his old vampire self.

The fact that Angel became human in I Will Remember You makes some people wonder if the shanshu prophecy has already been fulfilled. However, one has to notice that, when Angel was talking to the Oracle, he asked if "it wasn't the Powers That Be that did this?" and the Oracle asked back if Angel had saved humanity or averted the Apocalypse, which are the requirements to fulfill the prophecy — a vampire with a soul who will become human.

Muo-Ping - Glass receptacle of Angel's soul, after the spell performed by the dark shaman Wo Pang, which made Angel have a moment of true happiness (Awakening).

Nyazian Scrolls - It predicted a confluence of events — the Tro-clan — which would bring about the ruination of mankind. It was about a child born to vampires, and at the same time it said that the child would never be born, that there would be no birth:

For surely in that time, when the sky opens and the heavens weep, there will be no birth, only death.

Also, Holtz arrival, Angel's sworn enemy, was foretold in the Scrolls:

Born out of/raised up from darkness to bring darkness.

And, worse of all, it predicted that:

The father will kill the son.

The prophecy, translated by Wesley as well as a translator from Wolfram & Hart, was about Connor, son of vampires Angel and Darla, who wasn't born eventually — he just "appeared" after his mother staked herself and turned into dust. However, it turned out to be that part of the Nyazian Scrolls were false ("The father will kill the son"), planted by [Sahjhan],because of a real prophecy that predicted:

The one sired by the vampire with a soul will grow to manhood and kill Sahjhan.

Old Ones - See [Buffy Files]

Orb of Thesulah - See [Buffy Files]

Oracles - One of the Powers That Be's dangerous channels. They — a male and a female humanoid entities — were finicky and unpredictable; one should get in, ask one's questions and get out; and not forget to take them a gift.

Angel paid a visit to the Oracles after Doyle's death, begging them to return his friend (Parting Gifts), but the Powers That Be refused. Later, the vampire looked for them because he had became human after his blood was mixed with the Mohra's (I Will Remember You); first, Angel wanted to know if it was a permanent condition and later, he wanted to return to be a vampire.

The next time he needed help from the Oracles was when he noticed a black symbol on Cordelia's hand. He headed to the Oracles only to find them slain; however, the spirit of the female Oracle was able to tell Angel that the mark belonged to a warrior of the underworld named Vocah, as well as telling him how to save Cordy — she was in great danger, having permanent visions which had put her in a hospital. Only the words of Anatole (written in the Prophecies of Aberjian), could remove the mark and save Codelia:

And if the beast shalt find thee, and touch thee, thou shalt be wounded in thy soul, and thou shalt know madness. The beast shalt attack and cripple thee and thou shalt know neither friend nor family. But thou shalt undo the beast. Thou shalt find the sacred words of Anatole and thou shalt be restored. Three times shalt thou say these words: unbind, unbind, unbind. 

Their place was located in a underground chamber, under the post office in Los Angeles, where there was a white stone arc in one wall with a foreign inscription above it, which read: The Gateway for Lost Souls.

I come before the Oracles for guidance and direction. I beseech access to the knowing ones.

Source: I Will Remember You and To Shanshu in L.A.

Order of Ra-tet - Mystical order whose origins have been shrouded in mystery since the dawn of time. The Ra-tet was formed by five enormously powerful beings, which were linked to an embodiment of the ancient god Ra, making them symbolic manifestations (totems), each one representing a stage in Ra’s journey across the sky:

  • Semkhet - A human-like skinless saber-toothed tiger who lived in a cave in Death Valley, California 
  • Ma’at - High and mighty white magick female shaman
  • Mesektet - The six-year-old girl in the White Room
  • Ashet - African-American man, a being composed entirely of light
  • Manjet - An immortal man (unless he was ritually murdered), a neutral totem, the potential of every human soul. Sacred Guardian of the Shen, Keeper of the Orb of Ma’at and Devotee of Light; or simply Manny
Mesektet and Semkhet

Only the totems themselves knew their true purpose. The [Beast] sought and killed all them, grabbing things out from them — two metallic gold wings (Semkhet and Ashet), a glass orb (Manjet), a black energy cloud (Mesektet), and a human heart (Ma’at) — to be used in a ritual it performed in Connor's apartment in order to blot out the sun. (Long Day's Journey).

Powers That Be - High powers whose main goal is to maintain the forces of Good and Evil balanced. In their hands are decisions like to revert Angel's human condition (I Will Remember You), or fulfill the shanshu prophecy one day. Cordelia's visions (earlier Doyle's) were a direct channel to these powers. The Powers That Be don't live in our reality (they left here when the Earth, millions of years ago, became a demon realm). In order to approach them, one have to go through dangerous channels (Conduits).

In the beginning of the 21st Century, one of the Powers That Be, [Jasmine],decided that was about time to stop just observing the chaos and came back to our world to fix it; her plans, however, were thwarted by Angel and friends, and eventually she was killed by Connor.

Prophecies of Aberjian - It is an ancient sacred text, written over the last 4000 years, in a dozen different languages, some of which aren't even human. The word shanshu is pivotal to what it prophesies about the vampire with a soul.

Shanshu has roots in so many different languages. The most ancient source is the Proto-Bantu and they consider life and death the same thing, part of a cycle — only a thing that's not alive never dies. It says that you get to live until you die. It says the vampire with a soul, once he fulfills his destiny, will shanshu. Become human. It's his reward.

It won't happen tomorrow or the next day. He has to survive the coming darkness, the apocalyptic battles, a few plagues, and some fiends that will be unleashed.*

*Source: Wesley Wyndham-Prycein To Shanshu in L.A.

Angel found the parchment with the prophecies in the vaults at Wolfram & Hart (Blind Date). Later, it was stolen by the demon Vocah (To Shanshu in L.A.), conjured by Wolfram & Hart — the evil law firm needed the parchment in order to perform an incantation and bring vampire Darla from the dead. Angel did manage to kill Vocah; however, the ritual was completed by Lindsey MacDonald. Afterwards, Lindsey attempted to burn the parchment, but Angel kept him from doing it by cutting his hand off.

The Prophecies of Aberjian also mention three children, seers; together the children have the power to see into the heart of things, which made them a real threat to Wolfram & Hart. They were each found in different remote locations and brought together by the evil law firm and would have been killed if Angel hadn't intervened. According to the prophecies, they have an important role to play.

More recently, a newly translated portion appeared at Wolfram & Hart; it seems to indicate the splitting of the root of a tree into two parts, each of will seek refreshment from a hidden river. However, one cannot be sure whether this text is real or not, because the source who presented the translation (Sirk) was a non-trustworth person.

What is certain is that the original scroll containing the prophecy was at Wolfram & Hart and was signed by Angel (with his own blood), who gave up his chance of one day to become human again, to prove his loyalty to the Circle of the Black Thorn. Whether this was something valid or not, only the Senior Partners or the Powers That Be know.

Vampires with a soul - Angel and Spike.
Proto-Bantu - Linguistic group Western Bantu.
Bantu - Group of African languages.

Pylea - Demon dimension with no music, where Lorne and the Groosalugg came from. In Pylea, humans were slaves — called "cows" — and treated as such, until Princess Cordelia changed the situation. There are 2 suns there and vampires can walk under their light; they also have their image reflected. The problem is that their demon appearance is much more horrific than in our dimension. Pylea's "hell" (the place they believe they go to pay their mistakes) is named Tarkna.


Claddagh - See [Buffy Files]

Gem of Amara - See [Buffy Files]

Signature - While running the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart, Angel had to put his signature in several documents; the last time was when he signed away his chance to become human again, signing the very original scroll that contained the Shanshu prophecy (Not Fade Away).

The C.
                        T. of Numero CincoUnleashedShanshu


Svea Priestesses aka The Svear - Mystical order, all descendants of the powerful Nordic priestess Svea. They cast the spell that banished the Beast in 1789, in Prussia. In 2003, the Fang Gang found one priestess and her family in Pacoima, all dead — slaughtered by Cordelia/Jasmine.

Tattoo - Angel has a tattoo on his right shoulder blade — a large Gryphon holding the letter "A", a work of art inspired from the Book of Kells (Latin text of the Gospels, believed to have been made by Irish monks around AD 800). See this link for further information:

[Angel's Tattoo]

Angel's tattoo

Transuding Furies - Three ghost-like sisters, who seem to know Angel *very well*, responsible for casting the non-violence spell on Caritas.

Visions - Doyle had visions, given by the Powers That Be, that helped Angel to help innocent people in danger. These visions were passed to Cordelia (through a kiss), right before Doyle sacrificed himself to save half-demons like him (Hero). Both Doyle and Cordelia had painfull headaches because of the visions, and Cordy's just stopped when she agreed to become part-demon — otherwise, the visions would have ended up killing her (Birthday).

Watcher - See [Buffy Files]

White Room - An inter-dimensional space at Wolfram & Hart, a kind of gateway. There used to be a little girl there, or rather, something old and evil (Mesektet, one of the five totems that formed the Ra-tet) that pretended to be a little girl. This entity had its black energy sucked by the Beast and was terminated (Habeas Corpses); without Mesektet, Wolfram & Hart was cut off from the Senior Partners, effectively neutralized — for a while, at least. Before dying, Mesektet managed to say to the Fang Gang that the answer (Angelus) to defeat the Beast was among them. 

Nowadays, the new Conduit to the Senior Partners in the White Room is the big black cat that had a "meeting" with Gunn (Home).

One can reach the White Room through the elevator, after punching the floor buttons in a certain sequence (18, 23, 20, 28 and 27), which makes a new, bigger button appear above the other on the panel. Pushing this button, the elevator dissolves into the big, white, empty room.

Wolfram & Hart Attorney at Law - Evil [multi-dimensional] corporation, ruled by the Senior Partners — the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart. Their home office wasn't located in Hell, as one could think; it was located in our good old Earth. The LA branch was founded in 1791 on ground deconsecrated by the blood of mass murderer Mathias Pavayne.

Some of the evil lawyers who worked there: Lilah Morgan (killed by evil Cordelia), Gavin Park (killed by the Beast), Lindsey McDonald (left the firm), and the bosses Holland Manners (killed along with many other lawyers by vampires Darla and Drusilla) and Linwood Murrow (killed by Lilah). All the employees of the LA branch (but Lilah, the new boss, who managed to escape) were killed by the Beast in 2003.

One of their many evil deeds was to bring back from the dead (by using black magick) Darla, in order for her to torment her ex-lover Angel.

The Wolf, the Ram and the Hart wanted Angel, the vampire with a soul, to turn to the darkness — all because the prophecy (Shanshu) that read "a vampire with a soul would have a pivotal role in the Apocalypse".

In 2003, Angel and the Fang Gang accepted an offer made by the Senior Partners (delivered by deceased Lilah) to take over the LA branch, after they had thwarted Jasmine's plans of making the Earth a wonderful place to live; for months, the soulled vampire and his friends tried to fight evil from inside the belly of the beast (as put by Lilah and Spike). However, as they discovered eventually, the Senior Partners' main goal was to keep the Fang Gang busy, distracting them of the upcoming Apocalypse. Afterwards, Angel decided to face the evil high powers by bringing down their most powerful weapon in our dimension — the Circle of the Black Thorn, taking to a halt the Senior Partners' Apocalypse machine.

Our firm has always been here. In one form or another. The Inquisition. The Khmer Rouge. We were there when the very first cave man clubbed his neighbor. See, we're in the hearts and minds of every single living being.