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Acathla - Demon that was able to swallow the world; it was killed by a virtuous knight, who pierced the demon's heart before he could draw a breath to perform the act. Then, Acathla turned into stone and was buried in a field where, later, Sunnydale was built on. Many years later, its tomb ended up being discovered and taken to a museum. 

In 1998, it was stolen by Angelus and Drusilla, who awoke the demon in order to destroy the world:

Angelus: Acathla... Mundatus sum... pro te necavi. Sanguinem meum... pro te effundam... quo me dignum... esse demonstrem. (Acathla... I am cleansed... here before you. My blood... flowing before you... makes me worthy... as I demonstrate.)

Angelus' blood would open the door to Hell and Acathla, opening its big mouth, would create a vortex. That done, only Angelus' blood would close it. 

When the world was about to be sucked, Buffy managed to stop the process by piercing both Angelus (who had his soul just restored by a ritual performed by Willow) and Acathla with another sword blessed by the original knight, and Angel was sucked into hell, staying there for 100 years.

Source: Becoming 1-2

Adam - Soldier assigned to work for Professor Maggie Walsh in the secret Initiative headquarters who was severed injured hunting demons — he lost an arm, part of his face, and much of his skin.

Afterwards, Maggie uses him to create a perfect soldier, making him a mixture of man, demon, and machine. It doesn't take much time for Adam to kill his creator and run away from the Initiative compound, believing his destiny was to kill humans.

In order to defeat the Slayer, Adam recruits a demon army. He also enlists Spike, promising to restore him to what he once were, by taking the chip out of his head; the human-demon-machine makes a speech that makes Spike cry:

Adam: You feel smothered. Trapped like an animal. Pure in its ferocity, unable to actualize the urges within. Clinging to one truth. Like a flame struggling to burn within an enclosed glass. That a beast this powerful cannot be contained. Inevitably it will break free and savage the land again. I will make you whole again. Make you savage.

Spike: Wow. I mean, yeah. I get why the demons all fall in line with you...

The vampire then turns the Scooby Gang against each other (by playing on their fears) in order to leave Buffy alone and helpless.

Adam returns to the Initiative headquarters and, in a secret lab, brings back to life Professor Walsh, along with two other Initiative members (Dr Angleman and Forrest Gates) he had killed. His intention is attack the Initiative from the inside, killing all the scientists and commandos; thus, he will have plenty of body parts to create an army of soldiers like him.

Eventually, Buffy figures out Spike's evil scheme and reunites the Scoobies; Giles finds a spell to destroy Adam's power center, using the power of all the gang members combined, and Adam is terminated. Poor Spike doesn't have the chip taken out of his head and the Initiative is closed down.

Amy Madison - In 1997, to relive her glory days as a popular cheerleader, witch Catherine Madison switches bodies with her daughter Amy, who attends Sunnydale High with the Scoobies. With their help, Amy manages to have her body back. Afterward, the girl goes living with her father (The Witch). 

Later, Amy (who is exploring her mother's witch powers) helps Xander (who had been dumped by Cordelia) with a love spell, but it goes horribly wrong, turning him into every woman's desire — except Cordelia's (Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered).

In 1999, the demon Hansel & Gretel arrives in Sunnydale and incites the grow ups to kill all the witches. In order to escape, Amy turns herself into a rat and, when the peril is gone, she can't manage to turn herself back into human form. Willow tries to help, to no avail (Gingerbread).

Some time later, Willow "derats" Amy (who is living in a cage as Willow's pet) for a split second, but doesn't even notice it (Something Blue).

In 2002, Willow finally manages to turn Amy a human being again and the ex-rat ends up being a bad company for Willow; she introduces Will to the powerful warlock Rack, a black magick "dealer" (Smashed). 

Later, Amy appears in Buffy's house and gives Willow a "birthday gift": a powerful charge of magick, which ends up being very harmful to Willow. Eventually, she and Amy have a fight over Amy's behavior and they stop seeing each other (DoubleMeat Palace).

Willow meets Amy again in 2003, when she looks for a [Wiccan] group for help. Amy had joined said group pretending she was trying to be good, but eventually [Kennedy] learns that Amy herself is the cause of the big problem: Willow transformation into Warren, after being kissed by Kennedy. Amy had cast a hex on Red that made her subconscious pick the form of her punishment; Willow, besides feeling guilt about having killed Warren, felt like she was killing Tara when she reciprocated Kennedy's kiss (The Killer in Me).


Andrew Wells - Tucker Well's brother (the guy who trained a pack of devil dogs to kill anyone in formalwear, and released them at the Scoobies' Prom). Andrew himself once trained flying demon monkeys to attack the school play (Romeo and Juliet). Former member of the evil [Troika],along with Jonathan and Warren, in 2002, he returned to Sunnydale from Mexico with Jonathan, in order to look for the [Seal of Danzalthar], located in the Sunnydale High's basement. Influenced by the [First Evil] (in Warren's form), Andrew ended up killing Jonathan, in order to use his blood and open the Seal, which didn't work (Conversations With Dead People). Later, he was captured by the Scoobies, after meeting Willow at the butcher shop — where both of them had gone to buy pig's blood (Willow, for Spike, and Andrew, following orders from the First). Kept prisoner at Buffy's house, Andrew was bitten by a controlled-by-the-First Spike when he was about to spill something about the Seal of Danzalthar (Never Leave Me); later, he ended up taking the Scoobies to the basement, where they buried the Seal again (Bring on the Night). Andrew went on living at the Summers' house (as a "guesstage"), in his path to redemption, annoying everybody to no end — he even produced a video about the "Slayer of Vampyres", to Buffy's distress (Storyteller). Eventually, he fought the final battle against the Turok-Hans along with the Scoobies, when he was almost killed, if Anya hadn't intervened (Chosen).

After Sunnydale's destruction, Andrew (who had gone to Europe along with the Scoobies) appeared in Los Angeles with a bunch of new Slayers in order to take the crazy Slayer Dana with them — according to orders given by Buffy, who didn't trust Angel anymore because he had become the leader of an evil law firm. Andrew got very pleased that Spike was alive (Angel/Damage).

Later, Angel and Spike met Andrew in Rome, when the two soulled vampires were looking for Buffy, to "save" her from the Immortal. Andrew was living at Buffy's apartment, after having had a "cultural misunderstanding" that caused a fire at his place (The Girl in Question).


Anne - William's mother. An elderly lady who, in 1880, was bitten by his son, because he wanted to give her health and eternal life. However, in doing this, William/Spike set loose a demon who tore into him, and ended up dusted. She used to sing to his son her favorite song, Early One Morning (Lies My Parents Told Me); more than a century went by, and this very song was used by the [First Evil] as a [trigger] to force Spike kill again (Sleeper).

Flutie (Bob) - Sunnydale High's Principal. After visiting the Zoo, Xander and several other students enter the quarantined Hyena pen, become possessed with the spirit of the animal and poor Principal Flutie ends up being eaten by them — except Xander (The Pack).

Cecily Addams/Underwood - The poet William the Bloody (Spike) met Cecily in a party (London, 1880) and said he loved her; however, Cecily turned him down and, by breaking William's heart, made him stagger down the street in tears, ripping up his poems as he went, and bump into vampire Drusilla, who sired him, changing William's life forever (Fool for Love).

Trivia: The actress (Kali Rocha) who played Cecily Addams is the same who played Halfrek/Hallie — and Hallie knew Spike, since she recognized him, calling him "William" (Older and Far Away). Would Cecily and Halfrek be the same person??? In the comic book [Old Times], they are. Or, if you want to know what happened to a very human Cecily after William is sired by Dru, read [These Our Actors].

Clem - A friend of Spike's, he is introduced in Life Serial,  when Spike takes a tipsy Buffy to a seedy bar in order to show her "his world". There, they head for the back room, where they meet Spike's demons friends: one with many eyes, one with scaly skin (who has X-ray vision), one with a green face and horns, and one with very loose skin and big ears — that's Clem. They are playing poker and, instead of money, they play for kittens. Both Spike and Clem cheat — but just Clem is caught with an ace of spades stuck in the folds of his skin. Later, Clem goes along with Spike to Buffy's house, where she is throwing a party for her 21st birthday (Older and Far Away). Also, Clem attends Xander and Anya's wedding (Hell's Bells). Later, Clem tells a desperate Spike (who had just forced himself on Buffy) about his cousin and a kooky shaman who resurrected him, which makes the vampire head to Africa in order to fight for his soul (Seeing Red). The following year, Buffy and Spike take the Potential Slayers — Kennedy, Rona, Vi and Molly — to a demon bar, where they meet Clem. Spike has no interaction with him, at all; on the other hand, Buffy and Clem greet each other like old friends. Buffy asks Clem to scare the girls a little, and the friendly demon changes his face into a scarier one in front of them, who scream in terror (Potential).Some months later, Clem is seen getting the hell out of Sunnydale in a shinny red car — like all Sunnydale citizens, he feels the evil is coming. Buffy finds him caught in a traffic jam, and they have a small talk, he telling her she will manage to stop the end of the world (Empty Places).

Collin, The Anointed One - A small boy vampire. He and his family were attacked by vampires, after a bus crash, but only him was sired. Master's warrior, he wanted to take his place after he was killed by Buffy, but ended up killed by Spike, who put the boy in a cage and exposed him to sunlight. Spike called him "the the annoying one" and Drusilla felt he was a very powerful vampire.

Darla - See [Angel Characters]

D'Hoffryn - Powerful demon who resides in Arashmaha. He was the boss, among other thousands of girls, of former Vengeance Demon Anyanka and deceased Vengeance Demon Halfrek. He can turn humans into demons, as he did with Anya (twice) and almost with Willow, who was offered the "job", but turned it down. When Anyanka caused the death of 12 young men (by grating a vengeance wish) and afterwards wanted to reverse the spell, D'Hoffryn said to her it was possible, but it would take "the life and soul of a vengeance demon." Anyanka, thinking she would be the one to die, accepted the bargain, and D'Hoffryn ended up killing Anyanka's best friend, Hallie. Afterwards, Anya became human again and, although he had said he wouldn't do it, D'Hoffryn sent demons to kill her twice.


Dracula - Dracula appeared once in Sunnydale, looking for the Slayer and managed to put her and Xander in his thrall; he bit Buffy and made Xander his loyal servant. The thrall was broken after Buffy drank Dracula's blood — at his request — and dispatched the Count from Sunnydale. Spike claimed that he and Dracula were rivals, before the Count's fame; according to Spike, Dracula owned him 11 pounds (Buffy vs Dracula). Spike also complained that Dracula liked to show off and ended up revealing many of the vampire secret's — like the lack of reflection, making vampires easier to be recognized and killed.

Faith Lehane* - Slayer, American from Boston, Massachusetts, called after Kendra died. Faith is the Slayer whose death would call the next Chosen One. She was a trouble-maker and caused Buffy and the Scoobies many problems — poisoned Angel, switched bodies with Buffy, killed Sunnydale's Deputy Mayor, Allan Finch. Afterwards, she went to Los Angeles and was hired by [Wolfram & Hart] to kill Angel (Angel/Five by Five). However, Angel convinced her that what she had been doing was wrong and Faith turned herself in. She was in a California state prison in Stockton, doing a 25-to-life sentence for murder two, when a woman, hired by the [Harbingers],tried to kill her. She escaped when Wesley looked for her asking for help — to catch Angelus. Afterwards, she went to Sunnydale with Willow, to help Buffy in the fight against the First Evil. Faith got to know Robin Wood, and they ended up having sex. After the battle in the Hellmouth, it seemed that she and the Principal were very fond of each other.

*On the show, Faith didn't have a surname. Series creator Joss Whedon gave her one in 2005.

Glory - Hellgod from a demon dimension of unspeakable torment. She ruled with two other hellgods. Along with the beast they were a triumvirate of suffering and despair, ruling with equal vengeance. But the beast's power grew beyond even what they could conceive, as did her lust for pain and misery. They looked upon her, what she had become and trembled. They feared she would attempt to seize their dimension for herself, and decided to strike first. A great battle erupted and in the end, they stood victorious over the beast. She was cast out, banished to this lower plane of existence, forced to live and eventually die trapped within the body of a mortal, a newborn male (Ben), created as her prison. 

She couldn't be destroyed because the identity of the human vessel hadn't been discovered. However, as her power was too great to be completely contained, after about 25 years, in 2001, she found a way to escape her mortal prison for brief periods, before her energies are exhausted and she was forced back into her living cell of meat and bone. And she went after the [Key],which would take her home again.

As the Key had been made human and sent to the Slayer as her sister — Dawn — Glory had to fight Buffy and the Scoobies; in the end, she was defeated. Ben was killed by Giles, to prevent Glory's return.

Source: episode Spiral

Halfrek/Hallie - She, as well as Anyanka, was a [Vengeance Demon] — although she considered herself more well-rounded then her friend, preferring to be called Justice Demon; according to Anya, this was because Hallie had "daddy issues". She and Anyanka had a disagreement during the Crimea War (1854-1855 - Ukraine) and had been together in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1905. Hallie was killed by her boss D'Hoffryn, when Anyanka asked him to undo a vengeance wish she had granted and that had caused the death of a dozen young men — the wish was undone, but it took "the life and the soul of a vengeance demon", that is, the life of Hallie (Selfless).

Hank Summers - Buffy's absent father. Got divorced from Joyce before she and Buffy moved to Sunnydale. He didn't appear in Sunnydale neither when Joyce died (The Body) nor when Buffy died (The Gift). The last thing Buffy heard from him, he was living in Spain with his secretary (Forever).

Harmony Kendall - See [Angel Characters]


Jeffrey - Buffy's boyfriend in Los Angeles, in the movie Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.

Jenny Calendar (Janna) -

Jesse - Xander's friend, killed and sired by Darla (The Harvest). Xander accidentally staked him.

Jonathan Levinson - Attended Sunnydale High with Buffy, Willow, Xander and Cordelia. Once, he tried to kill himself, because he felt that nobody cared about him; it was Buffy who stopped him (Earshot). Later, Jonathan cast a glamour spell on Sunnydale, making everybody love and worship him, including the Scooby Gang. After realizing that it was a little weird to seek Jonathan's help (and wisdom), Buffy broke the spell and everything returned to normal — to Jonathan's distress (Superstar).

He ended up joining Warren and Andrew, and the three of them decided to take Sunnydale; the [Troika] was born. Things went very badly; Willow killed Warren, and Jonathan, along with Andrew, fled to Mexico.

Jonathan was killed by Andrew in 2002 — the two of them had returned to Sunnydale in order to look for the [Sealof Danzalthar]. Jonathan wanted to redeem himself, telling the Scoobies about the Seal, but unfortunately, he didn't have time (Conversations With Dead People). His body was buried by Robin Wood somewhere in the woods, after the Principal had found it in the school's basement (Never Leave Me).

Joyce Summers - Buffy's beloved mother, died from a bbrain tumor in 2001 (The Body). She worked at an art gallery. Joyce didn't know that Buffy was a Slayer, until the day she saw her daughter kill a vampire. Strangely enough, she got very well with Spike, and vice versa, even when he hadn't been chipped yet.

Judge - A demon brought forth to rid the Earth of the plague of humanity, to separate the righteous from the wicked, and to burn the righteous down. His touch could literally burn the humanity out of any being — just a true creature of evil could survive the process. An army was sent against him and they failed. Eventually, they were able to dismember him and the pieces were scattered, buried in every corner of the Earth. In 1998, Drusilla reassembled the pieces and brought back the Judge. Oddly enough, when he saw her and Spike, he said they stank of humanity, that they shared affection and jealousy; however, when the Judge touched Angelus, he didn't burst on flames. The Judge was defeated by Buffy, who blew him up at the mall.

Kakistos - Powerful vampire who killed Faith's Watcher. He was so old he had paws instead of hands and feet. Kakistos was killed by Faith (Faith, Hope & Trick).

Kendra - Slayer from Jamaica, called after Bufffy died for the first time (1997 — Prophecy Girl), in the hands of the Master. Killed by vampire Drusilla in 1998 (Becoming 1). She was taken from her family by the Watcher's Council when she was a child and trained to be a Slayer — she had no friends, never had a boyfriend. Her Watcher was Sam Zabuto.

Kennedy - Slayer in Training, born to a very rich family (her house had wings and she used to spend the sumer in Hampton), she was taken to Sunnydale by Giles in 2003. Kennedy had a pierced tongue; knew how to fire a [crossbow] since she was 8 and had a half-sister. Gay (at five, fell in love with Scarlett O'Hara, from Gone With the Wind), as soon as Kennedy saw Willow, she became interested in her — and immediately hit on the shy witch (Bring On The Night), who ended up giving in and starting a relationship with the SIT later (The Killer in Me). Kennedy, as all SITs, became a Slayer, after Willow's spell using the essence of the [Scythe] (Chosen). After Sunnydale's fall, she went to Europe with Willow, plus Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Giles and Andrew; she also, along with Willow, visited Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in Brazil.


Lloyd - The demon Spike sought to have his soul back. He is a Asphyx Demon; they possess three powers: precognition, the summoning of demons, and soul manipulation.

Lydia - English [Watcher] who wrote her thesis on Spike. She seemed very glad about meeting her object of study when she dropped by Sunnydale with a bunch of Watchers who had gone there to put Buffy through a test; and Spike was very flattered to have been a subject of a thesis (Checkpoint). She was inside the Watcher's Council Headquarters' building (in London) that Caleb, following the First Evil's orders, blew it up (Never Leave Me).

Merrick Jamison-Smythe - First Buffy's Watcher, killed by vampire Lothos (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie).

Mr. Trick - Vampire who worked for Mayor Richard Wilkins III. He was killed by Faith.

Nikki Wood - Slayer killed by Spike in New York, in 1977 (Fool for Love), from whom he took the leather coat. Principal Robin Wood's mother. The "emergency kit" Buffy used to learn about the Slayer's origin (Get it Done) was hers; it was supposed to pass from Slayer to Slayer, but after her death, Wood kept it with him, until 2003. Wood told Spike Nikki was his mother and tried to revenge her death by killing the vampire, but failed (Lies My Parents Told Me).

Oliver Pike - Buffy's boyfriend in Los Angeles, in the movie Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, played by Luke Perry.

Parker Abrams - Student at Sunnydale UC, who tricked Buffy into sleep with him, telling her the sad story about the recently death of his father and how he needed to be consoled; and then, next morning, he dumped her. Buffy got very hurt, she who had just had a terrible experience with Angel/Angelus.


Rack - Powerful warlock, dark magic "dealer" in Sunnydale. Amy introduced Willow to him and Red started abusing magic since then. Rack ended up being killed by her, after she dropped by his place in order to recharge herself with dark magic and be able to continue pursuing vengeance against the nerds Jonathan and Andrew.


Richard - Xander and Anya invited the young Richard to Buffy's birthday party (Older and Far Away), making Spike (who was having a secret affair with Buffy at the time) very jealous. Anyway, Buffy didn't show any interest in him, at all. Poor Richard got very confused with all strange things that he witnessed at the Summer's house that night — the demon Clem, the fact that they couldn't leave the house for some unknown reason, the magic potion Tara was fixing in the kitchen... And worse of all, he ended up wounded by the demon that was released by Tara's magic.

Robin M. Wood - Sunnydale High's Principal, after the reconstruction of the school (2002); he hires Buffy as a Counselor for the students as soon as they meet — he knows she is the Slayer, but doesn't tell Buffy anything (Lessons). Wood is a vegetarian and grew up in Beverly Hills. His mother was the Slayer Nikki, killed by Spike in 1977, in New York (Fool For Love), when Robin was 4 years old. Afterwards, he was raised by his mum's [Watcher],Bernard Crowley. To revenge his mother's death, Wood tries to kill Spike (with a little help from Giles) — but fails and is bitten by the vampire. Spike can kill him (no more chip pain to stop him), but spares his life because he had killed Wood's mother; Buffy tells the Principal that if he tries to kill Spike again, she will allow the vampire to kill him (Lies My Parents Told Me). When Slayer Faith arrives in Sunnydale, Wood becomes interested in her — and they end up having sex in Buffy's bed (Touched). He survived the big battle in the Hellmouth (Chosen).


Sam - Went to Central America with the Peace Corps. One night, her entire infirmary got slaughtered by some unknown beings. Afterwards, she quit the Corps and joined Riley Finn's squad. They met each other, got along well and got married. The wedding itself was held in a military chopper — commandeered from a local guerilla squad — just before a hairy night drop into hostile territory. Sam and Riley appeared in Sunnydale in 2002; they were after a Suvolt demon (As You Were).


Sandy - Girl sired by Vamp-Willow at the Bronze (The Wish). She hit on Riley in a bar, but he rebuffed her, knowing she was a vampire (Family).Later, however, he looked for the vamp-whore and allowed to be bitten, staking her afterwards (Shadow).

Scott Hope - Sunnydale High's student; for a while, he dated Buffy, who had just sent Angel to a hell dimension to prevent the world to be destroyed (season 3). In 2003, the vampire Holden Webster told the Slayer that Scott had said she (and every girl he broke up with) was gay — until the previous year, when he finally came out of the closet himself (Conversations With Dead People). Trivia: the actor who played "Scott Hope", Fab Filippo, plays "Ethan Gold" on the gay show Queer as Folk.

Snyder - Sunnydale High's Principal who replaced Marcus Flutie. He was eaten by Mayor Wilkins (when he was in his giant snake form).

Veruca - Werewolf, singer of the band Shy. She and Oz were physically attracted to each other and when they both became wolves, they couldn't prevent their animal instincts, and mated. Later, Veruca ended up killed by Oz, when both were in their wolf form. She, differently from Oz, believed that her animal part should be free, and not locked in a cage during the fool moon.

Warren Mears - Built the BuffyBot (Intervention), and a girlfriend robot named April (I Was Made To Love You). He also checked Spike's chip (Smashed). He was the leader of the [Troika] and, among other evil things, he killed his former (real) girlfriend Katrina Silvers — trying later to make Buffy believe she was responsible for her death (Dead Things) — and killed Tara, when his goal was shoot Buffy (Seeing Red). Willow, desperate by her girlfriend's death, became Dark Willow, sought revenge and killed Warren by flaying him alive (Villains).


Whistler - Immortal demon sent down to even the score between Good and Evil, Angel's mentor. He showed Angel the path of redemption. Angel had been living like a bum for ninety years, when Whistle met him in Manhattan, in 1996. The vampire was tired, filthy and unkempt, feeding off rats, with 

An unforgettable smell. This is the stench of death you're giving off here. And the look says, uh... Crazy Homeless Guy. It's not good.

Whistler said to Angel he could become an even more useless rodent than he already was, or he could become someone to be counted. Then, he introduced Angel to the Slayer, Buffy Summers, in order for him to start helping her.

Source: Becoming 1


William - Young English poet who preferred placing his energies into creating "things of beauty" and was infatuated with beautiful Cecily Addams in 1880's London; he defined himself as being "a good man."

Known as William The Bloody, because of his bloody awful poetry, one day William had the nerve to reveal his love to Cecily, when the two of them were attending a party, and was humiliated by her, who said he was beneath her, making him feel miserable. It was in this state of mind that he ran into evil, mad vampire Drusilla, who sired him and made him her lover (Fool for Love).

William, who had a loving relationship with his mother Anne, came for her and, out of love, sired her, in order for them to live together forever. However, things went horribly wrong, since Anne, without the soul, became an evil creature who tore into him, saying very nasty things. A desperate William staked her eventually (Lies My Parents Told Me).

Later, William takes the nick "Spike" because of his liking for torturing his victims with railroad spikes — maybe because a guest at the party said that he rather have a railroad spike through his head than listen to William's poetry.

My heart expands
'tis grown a bulge in it
inspired by your beauty, effulgent.