Fool For Love
Lies My Parents Told Me

Let the smell, it doth linger,
painting pictures in my mind.
Her eyes, balls of honey,
angels' harps her laugh.
Oh, Lark, grant a sign,
if crooked be cupid's shaft.
Hark! The Lark!
Her name it hath speak.
Cecily, it discharges,
from twixt it's wee beak.

Spike before being Spike was William, a shy young fellow who liked to write poetry and lived with his mother in London. Anne loved her son very much and appreciated his poetry a great deal she though it was magnificent. William loved his Mum back and used to say he would always look after her. By 1880, Anne was very sick coughing up blood and her physician were [Dr. Gull]. Her favorite song was Early One Morning, which she used to sing for William.

William was infatuated with beautiful Cecily Addams (or Underwood), and at parties, he would stay all by himself writing poems to his beloved, while the other guests had fun and talked about the most recent news: a rash of mysterious disappearances sweeping through London. According to William, he preferred not to think "of such dark, ugly business at all. That's what the police are for. I prefer placing my energies into creating things of beauty."

My heart expands
'tis grown a bulge in it
inspired by your beauty, effulgent

Nicknamed William"The Bloody", because of his bloody awful poetry, when William had finally the nerve to reveal his love to Cecily (and that the poetry he writes is all about her), he ended up being humiliated, as she says to him he is beneath her.

The young man, deeply hurt, ran in despair through the streets of London, with tears in his eyes, tearing up the sheets with the poetry he had written to Cecily. It was in this state of mind that he ran into evil, mad vampire Drusilla, and was sired by her.

After having been bitten by Drusilla and became a vampire, William returned to his house and, out of love for his Mum, sired Anne for her to live forever.

When he first met vamp Mum, William got very happy to see that Anne was healthy, that she wasn't that fragile old lady anymore. However, he soon realized she wasn't the nice lady she used to be, either. The demon he had set lose tore into him, saying very nasty things who shocked him. With a broken heart, poor William had to dust his mother eventually, after she tried to "have a go" with her own son, act that left him very traumatized. A hundred years had to go by for him to understand that his Mum loved him with all her heart and those horrible words had been said by a demon, not Anne.

William took the nick "Spike" because, according to the Watcher's Journal, of his liking for torturing his victims with railroad spikes. Maybe William heard what a guest at the party had said about his poetry: the fellow rather have a railroad spike through his head than listen to it.