Spike em sua criptaAfter being chipped (Season 4), Spike lived for a while with Giles and Xander.

When he found out that he could fight demons, he moved to a crypt in one of the Sunnydale's cemeteries, where he lived until he left the city and went to Africa to get his soul back (end of Season 6).

Spike did his crypt over while Buffy was dead (between seasons 5 and 6), getting several hugs and furniture, making it cozy.

He told Buffy that downstairs was quite posh when she dropped by, soon after being brought from the dead (Afterlife).

On Dead Things, he said he ate a decorator once, maybe something had stuck...

Buffy said that the crypt was "comfy" (Potential).


Upstairs sarcophagus (Spike and Buffy had sex on top of it in As You Were), refrigerator for keeping the blood fresh, comfy chair and the old, crappy, TV set:

Out of My

As You Were

As You Were

Downstairs the bed and the hugs:

Dead Things


The bed was different when [Harmony] used to live in Spike's crypt:
Downstairs was trashed in As You Were, after Buffy (along with what's-his-name, that tall and annoying guy she used to date) blew up the place:
As You Were
When Spike went to Africa, he left his friend [Clem] taking care of the crypt because a nice place like that could be taken by others very quickly. However, when soulled Spike returned from his quest, for some reason, he didn't go to his old home; maybe, a cemetery isn't an appropriated place for a soulled being to live; Spike didn't belong to a crypt anymore. Neither to a basement, for that matter, but it was in one (Sunnydale High's) that the vampire was living when Buffy found him after 4 months without seeing Spike (Lessons). Some weeks went by; eventually, Buffy realized that something evil in the basement was harming Spike's mental health, and so she took him to Xander's apartment (Him), where Spike got a closet-bedroom:
Soon, the Scoobies found out that the vampire was killing and siring people against his will, and, after Spike begged for help, Buffy took him to her house. He didn't stay there for long, because he was kidnapped by the [Bringers] (Never Leave Me). After being rescued by Buffy (Showtime), Spike returned to Buffy's house, and was given a cot in the basement, where he had good moments with his beloved Slayer (Chosen).

After his death in BtVS, Spike reappeared, incorporeal, on Angel. He haunted Wolfram & Hart ("Me? I gotta nest in somebody else's roost. It's not bleeding right!") until he was made corporeal again (Destiny). Afterwards, [Lindsey McDonald] who was working with Eve against the Fang Gang gave him a place to crash, again in a basement (Soul Purpose), which ended up being the QG for Team Angel in the very end of the show.

Spike's ultimate home was very humble, but at least, had a TV set (without cable, to the vampire's dismay) where Spike got to play his favorite video game, Crash Bandicoot, and relax before the big battle.