After being sired, sweet young Englishman William and his beloved Drusilla join vampires Angelus and Darla, and Spike (William's new name) learns from Angelus about the existence of Slayers. He becomes obsessed in killing them, managing to kill his first Slayer in China (during the Boxer Revolution), in 1900, and a second one — [Nikki Wood] — in New York, in 1977; from Nikki, he takes the leather coat, which he wears till today.

Thus, it wouldn't be a big surprise if Spike, soon or later, appeared in Sunnydale to try to kill Buffy Anne Summers.



This never happened to me!

He does try, but fails several times... And his being in Sunnydale ends up bad: Spike is captured by a governmental organization called [The Initiative], which labels him Hostile 17 and implants a chip in his brain in order to neutralize him as a vampire — Spike becomes unable to hurt people, because the chip causes an unbearable headache. Soon after the operation, Spike tries to bite Willow and fails — what an embarrassment!

Spike then seeks the Scoobies for protection; devastated, he tells them he can't bit anyone, because he "took a trip to the vet and he doesn't chase the other puppies anymore"... as the Scoobies aren't sure that Spike is really harmless, they chain him to the bathtub (in Giles's house), while trying to obtain from him pieces of information about the Initiative — which turns out to be a very easy task. Not. Spike complains he is being mistreated — besides being called "impotent" by Giles, Buffy "tortures" him exposing her neck to the thirsty vampire:

A look at my.. poor neck? All bare and tender and exposed... all that blood just... pumping away.


Later, Giles gets rid of Spike, and the vampire moves to Xander and Anya's place — down in the basement of Xander's parents' house. And if the vampire can't bite anymore, he is still able to annoy everyone to no end... After a while, he discovers that he can hurt other vampires and demons, and leaves Xander's to live on his own in a crypt in one of the many cemeteries of Sunnydale. Spike keeps helping the Scoobies, first giving away pieces of information and using his muscles in fights in exchanging for money and supplies of blood, and as time goes by, for free will.


One night, Spike has a dream, and when he wakes up he realizes he is madly in love with Buffy (Out of My Mind). It is the beginning of a new life for the vampire, a hard path he starts following. Out of love for a woman, he chooses to do good, fight beside the Slayer, and become a better man for her. To his ex-lover Dru, he proclaims: "I'm through playing. Bloody well through playing", after the two of them had just dropped by the Bronze and fed off a young couple (Crush). Even after Buffy's death, he doesn't give up, and keeps protecting her little sister Dawn, as he had promised to do — "till the end of the world."

Spike finally gets what he wants after Buffy returns from the dead — the Slayer is confused by having been torn out of Heaven by her friends (who thought she was in some hell dimension) and the only person she feels comfortable to talk to is the vampire. Eventually, they begin a troubled relationship (Wrecked), with Spike being used and abused by Buffy like a sex toy, until she decides to break up with him.

Although saying Spike should move on, Buffy doesn't like very much when she sees him with a date at Anya's wedding (Hell's Bells), or, later, having sex with Anya at the Magic Box (Entropy), making him believe she does love him. When he looks for her in order to apologize for having slept with Anya, things go awfully wrong and he ends up forcing himself on her. Afterwards, he feels so guilty, that it makes him to leave Sunnydale and go to Africa, where he endures a test given by a legendary demon in a dark cave in order to regain his soul (Grave).


Beneath You

I tried to find it, of course. The spark. The missing… the piece. That fit. That would make me fit. They put the spark in me… and now all it does is burn.

Four months have gone by since Spike got his soul back in that dark cave. One day Buffy finds Spike living in the basement of the brand-new [Sunnydale High] — he is insane, supposedly because of the soul (Lessons). After a week, he shows up in her house, completely sane, offering his help to fight a monster. However, after hurting a human (not on purpose), Spike loses it again. Eventually, Spike/William and Buffy find themselves in a church and he reveals that he went after a soul out of love for her (Beneath You).

After some weeks, Buffy arranges for Spike get out of the basement and go living with a not-very-happy Xander. Soon, Spike is caught killing and siring people (Sleeper), but Buffy finds out he has been manipulated by some evil force, and spares his unlife. Later, the Scoobies figure out that the [First Evil] brainwashed the vampire and is using a song as a [trigger] to make him kill. Buffy says to Spike she "believes in him, that he is a good man." Before they could do something about the trigger, the [Bringers] kidnap Spike from Buffy's house (Never Leave Me), and the [Turok-Han], following orders from the First Evil (morphed as Drusilla and Buffy), tortures Spike, to force him choose their side, the side of evil. He is brave and endures the trial; he knows Buffy will come for him — and she does. (Showtime).

Spike, now free, starts helping Buffy to train the Slayers in Training, who are coming from all over the world and staying in Buffy's house for protection. (Potential).

But the pain is far from over for Spike; suddenly, his chip starts malfunctioning, giving him horrible headaches. He will die if nothing is done, and done quickly. Buffy calls Riley Finn/The Initiative, Riley sends soldiers and doctors to Sunnydale, and the chip is removed, instead of repaired — according to Buffy's choice (The Killer in Me).

Spike and the Scooby Gang learn that the First "has plans for Spike" and the vampire says to Buffy he should leave Sunnydale; however, the Slayer tells him to stay because she isn't ready to not have him around (First Date).

The chip is gone, but the First's control over Spike isn't. Giles brings home a [Procaryote] stone, which enters in Spike's brain and helps the vampire to find out the root of the trigger's power. After the process, Spike remembers the song used by the First, an old English tune called Early One Morning, his mum's favorite. Spike, having issues about his past, doesn't want to collaborate with the Scoobies and keeps saying that the song doesn't mean anything to him, which isn't true, at all.

Soon after William is sired by Drusilla, he goes for his mother and sires her, out of love, in order for them to live together forever. However, his sweet mother turns into an evil monster, saying and doing horrible things to him, making him dust her eventually. Those things weigh on him for quite some time, because he didn't realize they were words from a demon, not from his real mother. Only after Principal Robin Wood, son of Nikki (the Slayer Spike killed in New York), seeks revenge and tries to kill Spike (with a help from Giles), this truth sinks in and Spike, aware that he was very much loved by his mum, is finally de-triggered. The vampire bites Wood, but spares his life, "on account I killed his mother" (Lies My Parents Told Me).


The battle against the First Evil is getting worse. A new villain appears in town — Caleb — and he is trying to keep something very valuable from the Slayer. Buffy, Faith (who had escaped from prison to help the Fang Gang in Los Angeles), the SITs and Spike go for him and the aftermath is disastrous — Xander loses an eye and two SITs die (Dirty Girls).

The next day, the Scoobies and the SITs decide that Buffy shouldn't lead them anymore, and force her to get out of her own house (Empty Places).

When Spike finds out what they have done to Buffy (he wasn't in the house at the time), he gets very mad at them, and goes after the Slayer. He finds her in an empty house. She tells him to go away, she is very tired and has given up the fight. Spike stands by her, gives her strength, says she is a "hell of a woman". Buffy is moved by Spike's words, and cries. They spend the night together, and the next morning the Slayer is back — she goes after Caleb and finds out a powerful weapon he was trying to keep from her — a Scythe, forged centuries ago by women who watched the Watchers (Touched).

Buffy tells Spike she has the Scythe because of him, because of the strength he gave her the night before. Spike says to Buffy he is terrified — all he did was hold her and watch her sleep, and it was the best night of his life. She says he doesn't need to be terrified, she was there with him. She implies that, after the war against the First is over, they can be together (End of Days).

Angel comes from Los Angeles and gives Buffy an [amulet] that is very powerful, something that will help to fight evil. He offers to stay and fight beside her, but Buffy sends him away. Buffy chooses Spike as her Champion, giving him the amulet; the two of them spend the two nights before the Big Battle together. Buffy has decided to go to the Hellmouth and close it for good. When the day has come, she, Faith, the SITs and Spike (wearing the amulet) open the [Seal of Danzalthar] and find a huge cave, where thousands of Turok Hans are ready for battle. Using the power of the Scythe — weapon that Buffy conquered because of the strength Spike gave her — Willow does a spell that turns every SIT in the world into a Slayer. 

The war starts, and Buffy, Faith, the new Slayers, and Spike are managing to beat the Turok-Hans back; but there are thousands of them, and eventually, they would lose. Suddenly, the amulet starts working, pinning Spike in place, right above the Seal of Danzalthar. Spike, thrilled, tells Buffy he can feel his soul. From him, beams of golden light starts pouring, killing the Turok-Hans — Spike is glowing, EFFULGENT. The cavern begins to collapse; everybody run away, except for Buffy and Spike. He tells her to go and she says he has done enough, he has to leave the place with her. He refuses, saying he must do the clean up. Buffy tells him she loves him; Spike says she doesn't, but thanks her for saying it. The entire Sunnydale is collapsing now; Buffy barely manages to escape.

Spike, the Champion, the Chosen One, dies in the cavern, laughing. The Hellmouth is closed for business. He defeated Evil. He is redeemed (Chosen). He is a [HERO].


Nineteen days after closing the Hellmouth, an incorporeal and confused Spike appears in Angel's office, in Los Angeles.

[Spike on Angel]

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