James and Patricia got married in a private civil ceremony in Los Angeles on January 14, 2011. [PIC]

Posted on 07/31/2011

James Marsters announced his engagement to his German girlfriend Patricia Rahman; h
e proposed to her in [Trier], Germany. The actor met Rahman, 24, at a concert in Amsterdam and they are planning to wed this coming fall.

Also. James is heading back to the small screen next fall; he will be in the new CBS series [Hawaii 5-0] which will debut in September.

Posted on 05/22/2010

James is filming P.S., I Love You, starred by Gerard Butler (The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula 2000) and Hilary Swank.

Posted on 10/15/2006

James Marsters Words & Music — James and American actress Cheryl Puente ("Jeanette" on Hack) performed an edited interpretation of Macbeth, with a talk back afterwards, at the Mermaid Theatre in London, on October 29.


Posted on 10/30/2005

James will be starring the psychological thriller Shadow Puppets; filming begins on October 31. His co-star will be Joline Balock (T'Pol) from Star Trek Enterprise

Posted on 10/29/2005

Another comic book with Spike will be released in 2006 — [Old Wounds].

Posted on 10/08/2005

Cool Money will be released on DVD in Australia; see [here].

Posted on 10/02/2005

A new comic book with Spike will be released on August 17 — [Old Times]. Also, there is a new BtVS novel centered on our favorite vampire: [Spark & Burn], written by Diane G. Gallagher.

Posted on 07/31/2005

James will be on Smallville next season (the fifth), playing the classic DC comics super villain Professor Milton Fine/Brainiac.

Posted on 07/30/2005

New Spike action figure ("Subway Spike") can be pre-ordered [here].

Posted on 04/30/2005

Spike Calendar 2006 can be pre-ordered [here].

Posted on 04/21/2005

James Marsters' upcoming CD is called Civilized Man.

Posted on 03/10/2005

Angel season 5 released on DVD by [Fox]; the box is available also at [Amazon].

[Angel Season 5 DVD — Q&A with David Boreanaz & James Marsters]

Posted on 02/19/2005

James' new movie (The Pierre Heist) has a new title: Cool Money; it will air on March 19 (USA Network).

Posted on 02/19/2005

Inkworks has announced a new trading card series — [Spike: The Complete Story Premium Trading Cards], coming February, 2005.

Posted on 12/04/2004

Benson Entertainment has signed a contract with Small Planet Pictures and a theatrical release of Chance (starred by Amber Benson and James Marsters) may happen next year; the movie, which was sold at its official site, isn't available to North and South America anymore.

Posted on 12/04/2004

A new BtVS novel, centered on Spike, will be released in 2005: [Spark & Burn], written by Diane G. Gallagher.

Posted on 12/04/2004

According to his manager, Steve Himber, James Marsters will be working on a film in the next 4 weeks; he plays the star role — "a loveable, loser, wannabe bank robber."

The project is The Pierre Heist.

Posted on 11/07/2004

The audiobook version of Grave Peril, read by James Marsters, is available for pre order at:

[Buzzy Multimedia]

Posted on 10/29/2004

James Marsters is working on a new solo album; it will have 10 new songs (most of them written by James) and should be released in the begining of 2005.

Posted on 10/23/2004

According to his [official website], James Marsters will be shooting the episode A Piece of the Rock of the WB series [The Mountain] later this month.

Posted on 10/08/2004

James Marsters recorded the Dresden Files third audiobook, Grave Peril, in late September.

Posted on 10/08/2004

Great news from Moonlight Rising — James said that he's got the financing for his dream project: to film his favorite play ever, Macbeth.

Posted on 06/07/2004

James Marsters has been nominated by [TV Guide] for a Dream Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, for Angel.

Posted on 06/03/2004

James Marsters, touring in Europe with his band, visited Stratford Upon Avon (birthplace of Shakespeare) after he was voted the nation's ideal Romeo in a [Royal Shakespeare Company] online poll, when more than 2,000 people voted for more than 150 different actors; Pirates of the Caribbean Keira Knightley was voted as the ideal Juliet. At the RSC, James met Matthew Rhys and Sian Brooke, who are currently playing the roles.

I'm flattered and excited that people would think of me for the role of Romeo. I think that the themes of violence and social disintegration are as important today as they were in Shakespeare's day.

Posted on 05/08/2004

Spike's no more! On April 27, James shaved his hair live on TV for charity — $25,000.00 were raised for the [Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation].

Posted on 04/28/2004

Spike 2005 12x12 Wall [Calendar] will be available in July.

Posted on 04/17/2004

Angel has been canceled.

Posted on 04/05/2004

Fans of James Marsters' joined and collected $5,481 in just ten days to run an ad in the November 19th issue of Daily Variety (LA Edition) and Hollywood Reporter, to thank The WB and Mutant Enemy Productions for including Spike on Angel. See the ad [here].

James thanked the fans in a personal note in his [Official Website]:

To all those fans who were a part of "Support Spike", "The Bloody Awful Poet Society" and the worldwide community of Spike fans, YOU ROCK! The ads you took out blew me away. You guys are my inspiration to keep Spike alive and kicking ass. I hope you continue to enjoy this season of "Angel".

Posted on 11/20/2003

A new novel based on the universe created by Joss Whedon has been released — Cursed is a crossover between BtVS and Angel. The souless Spike (the book is set on season 6) goes to Los Angeles and ends up having to work with Angel. Cursed presents a very nice portrayal of Spike. You can buy it at [Amazon].

Posted on 11/01/2003

Sold at [eBay] an acoustic/eletric guitar that was used by all band members of the Ghost of the Robot. The guitar was signed by the guys. The final biding was $2,150.00.

Posted on 10/28/2003

[WB] Jordan Levin has confirmed that Angel will have a full season of 22 episodes; the network previously had the option to trim its run from 22 episodes to 13, should it have faltered behind Smallville.

Posted on 10/11/2003

A new 12" Spike action figure will be available in 2004, according to [Sideshow Collectibles]. Sculpted by Oluf W. Hartvigsont, it will come equipped with a large cross with removable knife and a railroad spike. See pics [here].

Posted on 10/11/2003

James Marsters and David Boreanaz are on TV Guide's (October 11-17) cover once more (small pic on the right corner): Spike and Angel: together again this week!

Posted on 10/11/2003

James Marsters thanked the fans for watching Angel, in a personal note posted in his Official website:

I just wanted to thank everyone who tuned in to watch the first episode of "Angel". I know that the first episode was a bit of a tease, with Spike not arriving until the very last second, but I can promise you that in future episodes you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. I’m having a great time continuing to bring Spike to life (no puns intended!) and just wanted to thank everyone for their loyalty and support. Watch the boards for future updates from me.

James Marsters

Posted on 10/2003

[Jim Butcher], author of [The Dresden Files], posted in his mailing list that in two weeks, "Morgan Gendel, together with Nick Cage's production company, Saturn Films, will be meeting with some heavyweight network types about the Dresden Files. Morgan is aiming at an hour-long weekly series, and if the suits like the idea and think it could be a winner, they'll buy it, and it will be the real deal." In this message, Jim asks the fans to support the project, giving out an e-mail address. So, as James Marsters did two audio books for the Dresden series, his fans have launched a campaign to get him to play Harry Dresden on the TV series.

Posted on 09/11/2003

September 1-6 TV Guide features James Marsters (Spike) and David Boreanaz (Angel) on the cover.

Posted on 08/30/2003

A new poster was released to advertising the 5th season of Angel, at the comic convention that happened in San Diego. See it [here].

Posted on 07/21/2003

Angel has been renewed, and James Marsters is the newest member of the cast. Spike is going to Los Angeles!

Posted em 05/26/2003

The Thank You, James Ad Campaign — fans of James collected money around the world, and published a beautiful ad in 2 magazines — Variety and Hollywood Reporter — thanking James for the wonderful work he did on Buffy.

Posted on 04/02/2003