Highlander The Raven


Based on the character of Gregory Widen
Executive Producers: Bill Panzer and Peter S. Davis
Theme Music composed and performed by Jeff & Rob Pfeifer
Filmed in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France

Season 1 (1998-1999)

Elizabeth Gracen
Paul Johansson


Written by: Karen Harris
Directed by: Ian Toynton

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy), Torri Higginson (Claudia Hoffman), James Purcell (Stanley Ferris), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Julian Richings (Basil)

Amanda, the beautiful Immortal with a fondness for grand larceny, is back to her old cat-burglar tricks — and Detective Nick Wolfe is hot on her trail. Sparks fly as cop and thief clash. Amanda finds herself framed for murder, and the mortal and Immortal worlds collide.

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Peter Ellis

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy), Carlo Rota (Mario Cardoza), Ryan Black (Johnny Tanner), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), James Copeman (Brand), Jack Burning (Walter), and Roger Misquadis (Young Walter)

An angry Nick is determined to uncover Amanda's Immortal secret. When the murder of a Navajo code talker throws them together again, the trail leads to Mario Cardoza a master assassin who cannot die.

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Dennis Berry

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy), Hanes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Carolyn Dunn (Denise Grady), Cedric Smith (Morgan Kenworthy), Allan Van Sprang (William Kenworthy), Bill Lake (Detective Cummings), Desmond Ellis (Jack), Patrick Patterson (Warren Grady)

When Nick foils a murder attempt, Denise Grady thinks the "family curse" that has killed off the best and brightest of the Gradys is finally over. But when the body disappears, Nick suspects Immortal involvement - and Amanda finds herself crossing Nick to protect an old friend.

Written by: Karen Harris
Directed by: Dennis Berry

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy), Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Mark Melymick (Gordon Norris), Tara Rosling (Marta Antonescu), James Kee (Stefan Collier)

Amanda and Nick find themselves undercover - as newlyweds. Stealing secret plans, ducking an Immortal out for Amanda's head, not to mention wanting to strangle each other - the joys of marriage.

Written By: Michael O'Mahony & Sacha Reins
Directed By: Rene Bonniere

Guest Cast: Lawrence Dane (Charlie Johnson, Sr.), Chuck Shamata (Martin Foster), Catherine Bruhier (Chase MacAffee), Frank Pellegrino (Hewlitt), Carl Marotte (Young Charles)

Amanda convinces Nick to help her do a favor for her old mortal friend, Charlie Johnson. A former spy, Charlie recognizes a "Company" job when he sees one and asks Amanda and Nick to investigate the mysterious death of his scientist son. With four key players in a top-secret project dead, it's up to Nick and Amanda to blow the lid of a government conspiracy that could affect the world's population.

Written By: Frank Encarnação
Directed By: George Mendeluk

Guest Cast: Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Julian Richings (Basil Morgan), Philip Akin (Simon Clark), John Ralston (Riley Del Deegan), John Bourgeois (Harmon Frost)

More than 200 years ago, the Maria Rose sank with all hands on board - including Amanda. Now, the ship's salvaged treasure is being sold off. Amanda breaks into the auction house to retrieve a locket, given to her by a former slave only to be interrupted by amateur thieves who almost get them all caught. While Amanda tracks the stolen locket, Nick pursues the crooks. Together, they right a wrong that's more than 275 years old.

Written By: Tibby Rothman
Directed By: Rene Bonniere

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Mark Humphrey (Ray Bonita), Shary-Lee Guthrie (Angie), Andrew Jackson (Darryl Keenan)

Nick's first homicide case comes back to haunt him. As a rookie detective, Nick put away rising baseball player Ray Bonita for killing his minor league manager. Now, Bonita's back to take revenge on the cop who stole his life. Amanda tries to protect Nick, who feels responsible for turning Bonita into a ruthless ex-con, especially since he's no longer convinced that the ballplayer was guilty in the first place.

Written By: James Thorpe
Directed By: George Mendeluk

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Michael Rhoades (John Ray Fielding), Robert Bockstael (Donald Magnus)

While unofficially investigating the death of Magnus' veteran brother, Nick crosses paths with John Ray Fielding, an Immortal soldier seeking
justice for wrongful acts done in the heat of battle. Back in World War I, Amanda inadvertently caused John Ray's first death, and the deaths of every man in his battalion, by stealing a pouch filled with jewels and orders to retreat. With Nick's help, Amanda faces John Ray, and the fatal consequences of her actions.

Written By: Frank Encarnação
Directed By: Rene Manzor

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy), Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Anne Marie Loder (Katherine), Mark Strange (Ludwig Weiss), Michael Johnson (Dieter Keller)

While Nick's out of town, Bert Myers, Nick's sometime employer, convinces Amanda to help him with a simple break-in - a break-in that's soon complicated by blackmail and murder. Nick and Amanda find themselves pitted against a group of deadly assassins as Myers' past comes back to haunt him - and them.

Written By: Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed By: Dennis Berry

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Gordon Currie (Wilson Geary), Polly Shannon (Young Lucy Becker), Kirby Morrow (Marco Becker)

Thirty years ago, Lucy Becker was used as bait to lure her Immortal husband to his death. Now it's her turn to seek revenge on his killer, Wilson Geary. Nick and Amanda have to keep history from repeating itself, as Wilson tries to use Lucy once again this time, to snare Amanda.

Written By: Durnford King
Directed By: Don Paonessa

Guest Cast: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Geordie Johnson (Victor Hansen), Richard Fitzpatrick (Bob Marshall)

A handsome Immortal, Victor Hansen, charms Amanda and enlists her expertise in liberating the 38-carat Valentino Diamond. After Nick's mentor in charge of security for the famous diamond turns up murdered, Amanda's caught between a vengeful Nick and her seductive, and possibly deadly, new suitor.

Written By: Karen Harris
Directed By: Dennis Berry

Guest Cast: Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson), Valentine Pelka (Andre Korda), Ellen Dubin (Crysta), Peter Mensah (Raphael)

Joe Dawson, member of a secret organization called the Watchers, returns to warn Amanda of a deadly threat: Andre Korda. Once her mentor, Korda is now after her head. When Nick discovers that the Immortal is behind a daring heist, he's determined to stop Korda at all costs. But will either Amanda or Nick manage to escape with their heads?

Paris, France

Written By: James Thorpe
Directed By: Dennis Berry

Guest Cast: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Valentine Pelka (Andre Korda)

Recovering from his gunshot wound, Nick continues to pursue Immortal Andre Korda, hoping to avenge Amanda's death. Meanwhile, a very alive Amanda scours Paris for Nick. Reunited, the two discover Korda's high-stakes counterfeiting scheme and plot to put him out of business the Immortal way.

Written by: Frank Encarnação
Directed by: George Mendeluk

Guest Cast: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Michael Siberry (Frank Brennan), Lysette Anthony (Debra Dow), Glynis Barber (Rachel), Trevor Stephens (Jim Nestor)

Four years ago, Nick saved Bert Myers' life by killing rogue agent Frank Brennan. Now, when Myers' agents assigned to protect a former starlet keep turning up dead, Nick discovers that Brennan is now Immortal... And he's come back to bury Myers. Can Nick and Amanda protect both Myers and the secret of Immortality?

Written by: Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by: Dennis Berry

Guest Cast: Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley), Michelle Gomez (Talia Bauer), Jolyon Baker (Michael Garrett), Warren Zavatta (Sumner), Eric Connor (Freddy)

Talia Bauer, an Immortal revolutionary, saved Amanda's neck from the guillotine during the French Revolution. Now, Nick thinks she's behind a fiery explosion, and Amanda finds herself torn between her debt to Talia and her loyalty to Nick.

Written by: Tibby Rothman
Directed by: George Mendeluk

Guest Cast: Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley), Charlotte Lewis (Jade), Ronan Vibert (Sir Trevor Benton), Philippe Caroit (Inspector Colbert), Derek Lea (Bob Hemmon)

A twenty million-dollar painting is stolen from right under Amanda and Nick's noses. Trying to clear their names, they find themselves tracking another sly Immortal thief, Jade, who has been Amanda's competition for the last ten centuries. After being double-crossed and double-crossed again, can the two legendary cat burglars trust each other long enough to set things right and expose the real perpetrator?

Written by: Jocelyne Barque Simmons
Directed by: Gerard Hameline

Guest Cast: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley), Stephen Billington (Derrick Markham), Vincent Pickering (Burke), Marie LeGault (Svetlana)

After Nick and Myers foil an international kidnapping, Myers suspects that Amanda is connected to the kidnapper, Derrick Markham. He's right Markham has been Amanda's husband for the last 132 years. To protect Nick and herself, Amanda needs to divorce Markham Immortal style.

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: George Mendeluk

Guest Cast: Stephen Moyer (Jeremy Dexter), Jan Triska (Nicolae Breslaw)

Immortal Jeremy Dexter and his gang of thieves crop up in Paris, trailed by Interpol agent Nicolae Breslaw. As Dexter's former partner and lover, Amanda begs him to flee the country, before Nick and Breslaw can catch him. But no one seems to realize the real danger: Breslaw won't be satisfied with locking the Immortal up he's out for blood.

Written by: Andre Jacquemetton
Directed by: Brian Grant

Guest Cast: Miles Richardson (Vladimir Rankov), Guy Lankaster (Tim Helfet), Richard Durden (Anton Novak)

International journalist Tim Helfet comes to Nick and Amanda for help, accusing Vladimir Rankov, a high-ranking official of a war-torn country, of murder and treason. But Helfet's motives aren't so black and white a fact that becomes dangerously clear once Amanda discovers Rankov's true Immortal identity.

Written by: Karen Harris
Directed by: George Mendeluk

Guest Cast: Julian Wadham (Dr. Julian Heller), Rochelle Redfield (Lauren Wolfe), Arno Dutheil (Glenn), Frank Marion (Phillips), Patrick Albenque (Spencer), Elizabeth Kaza (Susanne)

Nick's ex-wife, Lauren, is in Paris trying a high-profile case against Dr. Julian Heller, accused of selling human organs on the black market. After her partner is gunned down, Lauren runs to Nick, but Heller, a cruel Immortal, will stop at nothing to save himself. In the end, Nick goes after Heller's head and competes with Amanda to reach him first.

Written by: Catherine Porciuncula
Directed by: Brian Grant

Guest Cast: Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley), Benedick Bates (Sean), Josephine Butler (Lizzie Tynan), Janet Spencer-Turner (Emma)

As a young Immortal, Father Liam Riley was a soldier for the British army. Now, a man from his past is back, seeking revenge and shattering the friendship that Liam and Amanda have shared for two hundred years. Can Nick keep them both from losing their heads?

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: George Mendeluk

Guest Cast: Thomas Lockyer (Evan Peyton), Natalie Roles (Janet Ross), Scott Maslen (Tom Ross)

A private detective tailing Evan Peyton, suspected of high-tech bank robberies totaling $100 million, disappears without a trace. Nick and Amanda pick up the digital trail, only to be snared in Peyton's deadly web. Amanda wants his head, and Nick wants an antidote to the  slow-acting poison that's stealing his life.

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Baseado nos personagens de Gregory Widen
Produtores Executivos: Bill Panzer e Peter S. Davis
Música tema composta e interpretada por Jeff & Rob Pfeifer
Filmada em Toronto, Canadá e Paris, França

Primeira temporada (1998-1999)

Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
Paul Johansson (Nick Lobo)

Estados Unidos

  • FULL DISCLOSURE (A Revelação)
  • BLOODLINES (Linhagem)
  • IMMUNITY (Imunidade)
  • SO SHALL YE REAP (Projeto Secreto)
  • BIRTHRIGHT (Direito Por Nascimento)
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Crime e Punição)
  • THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (O Soldado Desconhecido)
  • PASSION PLAY (Representando a Paixão)
  • THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (O Diabo Que Todos Conhecem)
  • A MATTER OF TIME (Uma Questão de Tempo 1ª parte)
Paris, França
  • THE FRENCH CONNECTION (A Conexão Francesa)
  • THE ROGUE (O Tratante)
  • INFERNO (Inferno)
  • THE FRAME (A Armadilha)
  • LOVE AND DEATH (Amor e Morte)
  • THICK AS THIEVES (Roubo e Amizade)
  • THE MANIPULATOR (O Manipulador)
  • THE EX-FILES (Arquivo Morto)
  • WAR AND PEACE (Guerra e Paz)
  • DEAD ON ARRIVAL (Morto na Chegada)

Highlander The Raven estreou no Brasil em 6 de abril de 1999, no canal  a cabo TeleUno (AXN)