Land's End

Tim Thomerson, Pamela Bowen,
          Fred Dryer and Geoffrey Lewis


  1. Pilot (2 hours)
  2. Night Eyes
  3. Parentnapping
  4. A Line in the Sand
  5. Day of the Dead
  6. El Perico
  7. Bounty Hunter
  8. Willis Gets Lucky
  9. What Are Friends For
  10. The Curse of Willis
  11. Whatever Happened to Maria Rosa
  12. Windfall
  13. Long Arm of the Law
  14. Fool's Gold
  15. Dr. Amoré
  16. Red Cadillac
  17. Pieces of Eight is Enough
  18. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  19. Who's Killing Cole Porter?
  20. Mothers Behind Bars
  21. Jenny


MIKE LAND (Fred Dryer) - Former LAPD detective, he is a widower. His wife Rebecca (Mary-Margaret Humes), died from the explosion of Mike's car. The killer, Matthew McCulla (Brian Cranstron), stands trial on drug trafficking, bribes the jury and is declared not guilty. Mike, outraged at the way his two-year investigation ended, leaves the force after 23 years. The same day, he receives a call from his good friend Willis, who is in trouble, and goes to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to help him out. Willis works as a repoman and is in jail because he crashed a small plane into an RV parking lot. He has the money to pay the bail ($ 1,000), but can't afford to pay the damage of the RVs ($ 20,000). Mike foots the bill and Willis is set free. As Mike doesn't have anything to do in Los Angeles anymore, Willis convinces him to stay in Cabo for a while.
    After helping the police to solve a murder case, Mike gets a job as head of security for the Westin Regina Resort, where he is living (room 1717), named by Courtney Saunders, manager of the hotel. He and Willis work as private detectives as well.
    In Autos Júnior, Mike buys his beloved convertible 66 blue GTO. The first plate is DLW 9356, but later it is changed to 964CFN8. Mike, fond of antique cars, owned a Chevy 59 in the past, which was stolen.
    Mike doesn't have kids, likes playing golf, fishing, baseball and seems to be vegetarian - in a couple of episodes he refuses to eat hamburgers and sausages. His mother's name is Iris. Mike dives and likes the coin toss.

WILLIS P. DUNLEEVY (Geoffrey Lewis) - He grew up in the South side of Chicago and was in the Special Forces that went to the Vietnam War. In Cabo San Lucas, he lives in a house which he is building little by little, with antique pieces of all world, and drives a red pick up Ford (ZMC 7217). He has a couple of Australian parakeets, Pepe and PeeWee. He dives. His father has already died and his mother's name is Doroty. His favorite actor is William Demarest.

COURTNEY SAUNDERS (Pamela Bowen) - Manager of the Westin Regina Resort in Cabo San Lucas. She is from Roboken, New Jersey, and when she was a child, she lived abroad because of his father's job: he was an official of the Air Force. Her hobbies are diving and collecting Mexican craftsmanship.

DAVE "THUNDER" THORNTON (Tim Thomerson) - Lives in a boat and has an iguana named Emiliano.

CHIEF RUIZ (William Marquez) - Chief of Police of Cabo San Lucas.