Creatures of the night, the vampires cannot walk under sun light, they need to drink blood to support their unlife and they can just be terminated either by cutting their heads off or by having a wooden stake through their hearts. To enter a house, they need to be invited by its owners and they usually sleep in coffins.

However, each creator can create his/her own rules...


In Whedon's universe, vampires can walk in the day light, as long as they remain in the shadows. 

They are creatures of the night, but they don't need to sleep during the day (they do, if they want - vampires get tired, too). And they don't need to sleep in coffins, either.

To attack their victims, they put their "games faces" - pointy teeth and lumpies on the forehead.

They do need to drink blood to survive (human's or animal's). If they don't drink, they don't die, but they have very bad withdrawals and/or start hallucinating, until they are to weak for any reaction.

Their images don't have reflection in the mirror, but they can be photographed.

They have super strength and they can eat and drink, although they don't need it. Those who give up killing people, like to drink blood mixed with roots, milk or alcohol sometimes. 

They can trim their hair (it grows back), they don't have blood circulation, their hearts don't beat, but they bleed and the men can have sex. They don't have souls - excepting Angel (who was cursed with one) and Spike (who choose to have one).

To become a vampire, one must be bitten and sucked almost dry, almost to death; then, the victim must drink the vampire's blood. The vampire-to-be doesn't need to be buried; however, some "traditionalist" vampires - like [Drusilla] - like the complete rituals. Usually, a bond is created between the Sire (the one who bite) and the Childe (the one who is bitten) - Darla/Angel, Angel/Drusilla, Drusilla/Spike, Angel/Ben - but it isn't a rule. [Harmony] didn't have any bond with her (unknown) Sire, for instance.




*Also Dracula on episode Buffy vs Dracula

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