The First Slayer was created by the Shadow Men, three very old, black men, who spoke Swahili. They created the Slayer by merging into a young girl the energy of a pure demon, its spirit, its heart, against her will (Get it Done). As Dracula suggested (Buffy vs Dracula), the Slayer's and vampire's origins are really the same: rooted in darkness. The Shadow Men became the Watchers, who watched the Slayers.

In each generation there was a Chosen One. Alone, she had to fight the evil forces that threatened the human kind. When she died, another was called immediately. They were very young (15-18 years old) when the call happened — and, usually, they died young, too, killed by their natural enemies, the vampires. Potential Slayers — girls who had the potential for being called one day — could be recognized and trained by Watchers, before being chosen. Slayers have super strength and their wounds heal faster than a normal person's.

GetIt Done
Principal Robin Wood gives Buffy an "emergency bag" that was owned by his mother, the Slayer Spike killed in New York, in 1977. Inside the bag the Scoobies find weapons, a large old book written in Sumerian, and a big, unopenable box. Inside the box (which is open by Buffy), it is a copper turntable device, a lamp, and some African-looking shadow puppets. According to the book, you put them in motion, and they tell you a story — a Origin Myth. The story of the very first Slayer.

First, there is the Earth. Then there came the Demons. After demons, there came Men. The Men found a Girl. The Men took the Girl. To fight all Demons. They chained her to the Earth.

A portal is open in the Summer's house and Buffy jumps in. She goes back in time; she finds herself in a desert, and approaches a group of three men. The men rock back and forth, chanting. She walks toward them. These are the Shadow Men:

Shadow Men: We have been here since the beginning. Now, we are almost at the end. 

Buffy: OK, and the "neat" of it just left me. End of what? 

Shadow Man 3: You are the Hellmouth's last Guardian. 

Buffy: Tell me what I need to know. I came to learn. 

Shadow Man 1: We cannot give you knowledge. Only power. We are at the beginning. The source of your strength. The well of the Slayer's power. This is why we have brought you here. 

Buffy: I thought I brought me here.

The three men pound their staffs into the ground, rhythmically, in unison, and chant, as one of them steps forward holding a small, wooden box. He places it on the floor, in the center of a painted symbol, and opens the box. All three Shadow Men step away, and stand like guards, holding their staffs. 

Shadow Men: Herein lies your truest strength. The energy of the Demon. Its spirit. Its heart. 

Buffy: This is how you... 

Shadow Man: ...Created the Slayer? Yes. 

And slowly, a mist begins to rise from the open box

Shadow Men: This is how it was then. How it must be now. It must become one with you. 

Buffy: I get a say in this and I'm saying no... 

Shadow Man 2: Merge, live, and grow inside you. 

Buffy: No!

Shadow Man 1: This is how it was then. How it must be now. You don't understand. You need our power. To reject us is to disrupt the Slayer line. 

Shadow Man 2: You are making things worse. 

Buffy: Good.

The Shadow Men lift their quarter staves, spread out, and attack Buffy. That's okay, she's got the chain. And with her legs free, she's good with the kicking. 

Buffy: You think I came all this way to get knocked up by some demon dust? Think again, old guys.

Buffy refuses taking the power offered by the Shadow Men; Willow reopens the portal and the Slayer return home, safe and sound.

In 2003, the Slayer Buffy Anne Summers changed the rule "In each generation there was a Chosen One". She decided to use the essence of the [Scythe],a weapon that contained the energy and history of many Slayers, to change the destiny of herself, Faith's, and the Slayers in Training. Thus, after the powerful witch Willow did a spell on the Scythe, every girl in the world who could be a Slayer, became a Slayer — then, and generations to come (Chosen).

Slayers All in A Row

The First Slayer - Primitive girl, appeared on the Scoobies' dreams, and tried to kill all them. She was evil.

First Slayer

Slayer from China - Killed by vampire [Spike] (he bit her) in 1900, during the Boxer Rebellion, in a Buddhist temple in China. Yet in Spike's arms, the girl says "Tell my mother I'm sorry...", to what Spike answers: "I'm sorry, luv, I don't speak Chinese." Afterwards, he has sex with his beloved [Drusilla] — "You ever hear them saying the blood of a Slayer is a powerful aphrodisiac?", he tells Dru.

Caça-Vampiros chinesa e Spike

Nikki Wood - Killed by Spike (he broke her neck) in 1977, in New York (Fool For Love). He took her black leather coat, which became his trade mark. This Slayer had a 4-year-old son — [Robin Wood] — who was brought up by her Watcher and ended up as Principal at the Sunnydale High. The First Evil told him that was Spike who killed his mother, and Wood tried to revenge her death by killing Spike — but failed (Lies My Parents Told Me).


Buffy Anne Summers - All-American girl from Los Angeles, Slayer in Sunnydale since 1997. The Watcher Merrick told her she was the Chosen One when she still lived in Los Angeles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie).

Kendra - From Jamaica, called after Buffy died for the first time, in 1997 (Prophecy Girl), in the hands of the Master. Killed by vampire Drusilla in 1998 (Becoming 1).

Buffy & Kendra

Faith - American from Boston, Massachusetts, called after Kendra died. Faith is the Slayer whose death would call the next Chosen One.


**For more details on Buffy, Kendra, Faith and Nikki see [Buffy Characters]**

Slayers in Training aka Potential Slayers - They were identified very early by the Watcher's Council and trained by them; the Council wanted that the Chosen One was already trained when her time came, what didn't happen with Buffy, for instance. 

In 2002, SITs from all over the world (Turkey, England, Germany) started being killed (along with their Watchers) by the [Harbingers],the priests who worked for the [First Evil]. So, three of them — Kennedy, Annabelle and Molly — were taken by Giles to Sunnydale (Bring on the Night), in order for Buffy to protect them. 

In the following weeks, the Summers' house was turned into a Board House for Slayers in Training — with dozens of them arriving from everywhere: Chloe, Vi, Rona, Amanda, Chao-Ahn, Shannon, and many, many others. While Amanda was a friend of Dawn's (both girls attended Sunnydale High), Kennedy and Willow started a relationship.

In the course of the fight against the First Evil, some of them died: Annabelle was killed by the [Turok-Han] the First Evil had just released from the Hellmouth (Never Leave Me); Chloe, influenced by the First, committed suicide (Get it Done); Molly and a unnamed girl were killed by [Caleb] (Dirty Girls); and Amanda and Chao-Ahn died in the final battle against the Turok-Hans, in the Hellmouth (Chosen).


Amanda, Annabelle, Kennedy, Molly, Rona, Vi, Chloe and Chao

Spike, Buffy
                  & SITs
Molly, Spike, Buffy, Rona and Kennedy in a demon bar

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